There are few fish more sought after by anglers in the United States than salmon. It takes a unique skill to catch salmon, creating a fun challenge you cannot get with other fish. Salmon is also absolutely delicious to eat, so you will be greatly rewarded for your hard work. These prized fish can be quite elusive if you are not in the right spot. These are the four places to find the best salmon fishing in the country. 

Lake Ontario, New York
Lake Ontario is a premier salmon fishing spot because of its location relative to other major bodies of water. Chinook and coho salmon have to travel through Lake Ontario on their way to breed in the Atlantic Ocean. Salmon from all of the other Great Lakes will find their way to Lake Ontario at some point during the breeding season. The best time to fish in this area is between May and October. 

Penobscot River, Maine
While the salmon population has decreased in Maine over the last few years, you will still have plenty of opportunities to catch your favorite fish. In order to improve your chances in the area, it is best to stick to the western edge of the Penobscot River. This is the perfect spot to practice your fly fishing skills. Fishing season only runs from April to August in Maine. 

Lake Oahe, South Dakota
Going to South Dakota to catch salmon may seem a little odd, but it is entirely possible at Lake Oahe. The local government has stocked the lake with chinook salmon. They also operate a spawning station to ensure the population numbers never dwindle despite the salmon being unable to naturally reproduce in the lake’s water. You can fish in this area at any time, but the winter season will bring the best results. 

Kenai River, Alaska
Alaska is the main breeding ground for salmon in the United States, but most places are not easily accessible. One of the few accessible fishing spots in the state is on the Kenai River. This spot is so fertile that catching a salmon over 50 pounds is a routine day.