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Chris Plaford got his undergraduate degree at Indiana University where he majored in finance. He initially got involved in real estate by purchasing a couple multifamily apartment buildings. After spending time employed with Goldman Sachs, Chris went to Balyasny Asset Management, a highly respectable alternative asset manager. He started out working as a trader and made his way up to Portfolio Manager.

Chris Plaford ultimately became a partner with a group of funds managing over $8 billion AUM, and personally managing over $1 billion. He also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Clarivate Analytics advising the biotech and pharmaceutical industries about how to raise funds.

Aside from working in the healthcare financial industry, Chris Plaford spent many years investing in other areas, such as structured products, real estate, straight bonds, convertible bonds, structured products and credit default swaps. He transitioned in 2013 to focus mostly on real estate with his company, Capital Asset Properties LLC. Their niche is focusing on the huge lack of access to capital in the middle of the market. One of the reasons he is so attracted to this field is the fact that this area is hugely inefficient. Middle America is more capital-constrained, unlike investors on the East and West coasts. That means there is a $1-5 million segment of the marketplace, out of reach of mom and pops but under the radar of institutions, is very underserved.

Chris Plaford’s company does business with all levels of customers, including development and construction lending, single-family communities and townhome projects. Their largest markets cover North and South Carolina, and Florida.

Although Chris Plaford does not seek investment banking engagements, he is often asked to consult with companies about this topic because of his years of experience raising money. After consulting with investors and companies in capital markets across multiple industries, he decided to form the consulting firm CAP Consulting LLC, for all of his consulting projects.

Chris Plaford currently resides in Wilmington, NC, and when he isn’t working or spending time with family, he enjoys fishing. He has spent years traveling up and down the east coast in pursuit of his passion, and he loves the simple joys that time outdoors can bring. For Chris, fishing provides a beautiful opportunity to spend time with his kids out on the water or find some alone time to rest, find an adventure, and catch some dinner.

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