As a serious angler, you always seek out the best spots for the largest fish, but why stick to your own backyard when the world has so many incredible fishing destinations? Here are ten of the best international destinations for every level of angler.

Tanzania, Anyone?

When most people think of Africa, travels in open safari vehicles typically come to mind. Believe it or not, Tanzania in East Africa offers a world-class fishing set against a backdrop of the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro. Imagine catching one of the feisty and massive 30-pound tigerfish that are found in the rivers!

Lake Kariba – Another African Gem

Another of Africa’s little-known fishing gems is Lake Kariba that is co-located in the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. You simply cannot imagine the thrill of fishing for goliath tigerfish that weigh three times those found in Tanzania, all while watching a family of elephants sauntering along the water’s edge.

Fishing Down Under for Black Marlin

Take a flight to Australia to fish around Lizard and Cairs Islands. Between these two islands is a channel of water that is home to black marlin. The warm temperatures of the ocean allow the marlin to reproduce quickly, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

Hello, Bolivia!

If you love a good challenge, try your hand at catching a golden dorado in Bolivia. These amazing fish are known for their impressive tactics in and out of the water to elude capture. Even if you are unsuccessful at hauling one in, the experience is sure to be entertaining and thrilling.

700 Pounds of Fresh Water Fish

One of the largest freshwater fish species in the world is found in Guyana. The arapaima is a challenge to catch. An individual can weigh around 700 pounds, and the species is aggressive and eludes capture with strong head shakes. If you can hold onto one of these monsters, consider yourself an expert angler.

Trout Fishing the Land of Fire

Tierra del Fuego in Argentina is a collection of smaller islands that offer vacationers several ways to relax and enjoy nature. For anglers, though, the best place to be is Isle Grande. The rivers are home to a population of brown trout that average more than 10 pounds.

Panama for Variety

If you prefer a nice selection of fish, Panama is the place to be. Hannibal Bank and Coiba Island have long been envied by anglers who cannot afford to travel to exotic fishing destinations.

White Sturgeon in Alaska

Alaska is an ideal vacation destination for anyone who loves raw nature, but this destination also attracts anglers from around the world. Iliamna Lake is home to white sturgeon, a lake species that reaches incredible size and weight. You can also find rainbow trout, king salmon, arctic grayling, steelhead, and other types of fish.


There are few places on the planet more ideal for sun, surf, and sand than Hawaii, and this island destination is an A-list fishing destination for those who prefer open water. The best spot is Kiritimati, also known as Christmas Island. Here you will find yellowfin tuna, giant trevally, wahoo, and billfish among others. It is also a wonderful place for snorkeling, so you can bring the entire family.

Chinook Salmon in Canada

From June to September, Haida Gwaii in Canada transforms into a fishing paradise, and everyone has one fish on their minds – chinook salmon. Each fish can weigh around 30 pounds, and they are quite energetic because it is breeding season.