Fishing is among the most popular of participatory sports, a pastime that spans across all age groups. There are as many different perceptions of fishing as there are sets of hands that take up rod and reel, however. Some find it relaxing, others boring, while still others find fishing to be an adventure. While many basic concepts of fishing are broadly known, there are some things no one hears before going fishing.

The Smells

Everything smells. Fish smell, the water smells, and the net smells. Time is necessary to adapt to the olfactory assault. Most people do adjust to the various smells without taking too much time, although it can be difficult to sustain in the beginning. The smells cling, as well. A hand that touches something, fish or boat, water or net, becomes dirty. Wipe the hand on clothing and one’s outfit becomes dirty. Eventually, people fishing begin to smell like fish.

Ideal Timing

Many people believe that fishing is best done in the early morning. This may be due, in part, to the fact that people want to set off early and spend an entire day at their favored way to spend time outdoors. However, early evening may be the actual ideal time for fishing. The insects come out, fish are eager to bite, and the timing is excellent to get a line cast.

Beyond Catching Fish

There is more time spent fishing than just catching fish. Some people do fish specifically for their suppers, but there is a broader view as well. Someone who fishes only to catch fish experiences frustration when the creatures do not cooperate by biting. Someone who also goes to experience nature and relax, however, will find pleasure in the pastime even without catches.

You Will Get Messy 

If you are using natural bait (worms, minnows, shrimp etc.), you should be prepared to get your hands dirty. Unfortunately, the bait won’t hook itself for you. If you are fishing with artificial lures, you may stay clean unless you have the unfortunate problem of catching a fish! Another unfortunate thing about hooks is that the fish don’t usually extract themselves. That’s before seaweed, oysters, muddy tree branches and all the other fun stuff you will find in the water besides fish. At the end of the day, after fishing a couple times this stuff wont be given a second thought. Just don’t wear your new clothes!