Freshwater fishing continues to be a popular sport for people around the country. With more people trying freshwater fishing each year, it is important to understand how to approach it when starting out. One of the important factors to understand is the type of bait to use. If you are considering trying out freshwater fishing, consider using some of the following baits. 

Cut Bait

Compared to artificial lures, cut bait can be more effective at attracting some species of fish. Fish are more likely to bite on natural bait and having a natural scent in the water also helps. You can make cut bait out of any fish, including bait fish. 


These are bait fish that are ideal for freshwater fishing. They can be found in shops, or you can catch them yourself if they are legal in your area. They come in various sizes and are commonly used for pike and bass fishing.

Casting, drifting, and retrieving using a minnow will require you to hook it vertically through its tail or lips. You can use the area through the back near the dorsal fin for still-fishing with a bobber. Keep in mind that you should not damage the fish’s spinal cord.


You can use insects such as ants, crickets, grasshoppers, and caterpillars as bait for catching sunfish, panfish, and trout, especially brown trout. Young versions of mayflies, stoneflies, hellgrammites, and dobsonflies are also preferred by large and small trout.

Freshwater Worms

For most freshwater fishing, worms are a good choice. You can find worms in your garden or near a damp area. They can also be purchased at shops or from fishing tackle stores. Nightcrawlers or earthworms are ideal for bass and walleyes. Panfish, sunfish, and trout can be caught using manure worms, which can be found in horse and cattle pastures.