The Chesapeake Bay is an angler’s dream location. The bay and her tributaries form upper, middle, and lower areas encompass 4,479 square miles of water and border Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. All of the bay from the shore to the heart of the waterway welcomes fishing enthusiasts. Numerous fish species are found in the local waters, including bass, drum, flounder, perch, and trout. Anglers need to establish a favorite hotspot.

Pooles Island

The island stands near the mouth of the Gunpowder River and in the upper area of the bay. The water around the 200-acre land mass remains abundant in bass and bluefish. Anglers find the fish using bucktails and spoons when they feed at the surface. They also tend to congregate along the channel edges.

Bloody Point Lighthouse

The area between the Bloody Point Lighthouse to Popular Island is another favorite fishing spot, which exists in the middle of the bay. The varied fish species found here include bass, bluefish, drum, and mackerel. Metallic jigs and spoons are popular here. Mackerel are most often caught when trolling, as the fish feed at the surface.

Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park

For anglers who prefer to try their luck while remaining on land, fishing piers remain popular locations. The dock is conveniently open all year round and well-lighted at night. The many types of fish caught here include catfish, croakers, sea trout, and striped bass.

King’s Landing Park

The park was established along Cocktown Creek and the Patuxent River. The 260-acre landmass features forest, shoreline, and a 200-foot pier that is prime for fishing or launching a canoe or kayak. Among the rockfish and other species of fish, guests enjoy catching local blue crab.

Westmoreland State Park

The park lies at the northern neck of the Potomac River. Anglers enjoy fishing off the pier or in the breakwaters offshore. Boat rentals are available for anyone preferring to fish from the water. When done fishing for the day, explore the location, which features a camp store, snack bar, and a swimming pool with a bathhouse. Cabins are available for overnight guests. The spot is also ideal for watching several predatory bird species.