Fishing in the ocean does not necessarily require chartering a deep-sea vessel, crew, and expensive gear. Consider casting a line or two from the shoreline into the surf. While anglers may not snag a catch weighing hundreds of pounds, the variety of fish available wrangled from the sidelines are in abundance along the eastern, western and southern coastlines. The adventure entails knowing where to start.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod boasts 40 miles of sandy beaches from which to choose a fishing location. Some of the many destinations that attract anglers here include Ballston Beach, Chapin Memorial Beach, and East End Jetty, among numerous others. The various species regularly caught from shore include bluefish, cod, sea bass, striped bass, and sharks.

Montauk, New York

Surf fishing remains popular in Montauk from April through December. However, spring and fall are peak times of the year for catching bluefish and striped bass. Other species regularly found here include blackfish, fluke, and porgies. The area boasts various state parks that provide the chance to cast from the shoreline and perhaps have a picnic and enjoy the scenery. Montauk Marine Basin, Montauk Point State Park, and Shadmoor State Park are some of the favorite surf fishing locations found here.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Anglers enjoy year-round fishing in the Hilton Head area. Redfish are in abundance from January through March. Artificial reefs created by sunken ships and other debris are favored by fighting sheepfish. April through June brings everything from black sea bass and flounder to whiting and various shark species to the shallow waters. From July through September, the beaches attract cobia, jacks, and mackerel, among others. Bluefish, bull reds, sea bass, and weakfish come close to the shore through December.

Gulf Coast, Texas

The annual warm weather combined with 400 miles of coastal shoreline makes Texas an ideal location for surf fishing. Anglers need merely decide what species to target. Red Snapper is considered the prized catch along beaches beginning in June. By September, mature Redfish make their way into the Gulf waters. Flounder start making an appearance in October. Cobblerfish, also known as Pompano, become abundant in November. Baffin Bay is the destination of choice to catch prized speckled trout in December.