Whether you are an avid and skilled outdoorsman or a weekend naturalist, there are many benefits to taking a guided tour on your next fishing excursion. It doesn’t matter if you are angling in wilderness rivers for trout or riding the high seas in search of tuna. Let’s explore the benefits of a guided fishing tour.

No Equipment Needed
It is so nice to be able to just pick up and go without packing your rods, lures, flies, nets, waders, safety vests, and coolers. A guide or charter company will take care of everything you need. They will know exactly what equipment to recommend for the unique conditions, and this includes bait, if you are using it, to catch your fish. If you are fortunate enough to catch some fish, the guides will have coolers and ice ready to store the bounty.

Expertise and Knowledge
Local guides do this almost every day during the fishing season. They know what fish are running, the best areas to catch them, and what particular lure or bait is needed. If you are a novice fisherman, the guide will walk you through the proper techniques for catching fish, answer questions, and provide hands-on assistance. Your guide will also teach you the area’s rules and regulations. For instance, if there is a size limit, he or she will measure the catch and school you on humane release techniques for fish you can’t keep.

Increase your Bounty
The best part of a guided fishing tour is that your chance of catching anything increases based on an understanding of the local waters and surroundings. This really takes the guesswork to a minimum and skews your precious time toward catching (hopefully) instead of looking for fish. Once you have reaped the rewards of the water, your guide can teach you how to clean the fish, do it for you, or take you to a local fishmonger who will assist you.

Basically, a guided fishing tour is an all-inclusive experience. You don’t really have to think much about what to pack or where to go. In many cases, you might not even have to apply for and secure a fishing license. This is especially true for chartered deep-sea fishing tours. They are also respectful of the natural ecosystems in which they work.