When the family gets together to fish, it’s common for everyone to turn it into a competition. What better way to fix this than having a family fishing tournament? Have the family compete for the biggest or longest catch of the day. This can help the kids learn more about fishing and encourage them to think about family bonding time as a fun and fulfilling activity. Here are some areas to focus on while beginning to plan your family fishing tournament. 

Set the Rules

Before starting anything it’s important to lay out the rules for all of the family members. To make things fair for everyone, buy a large amount of the same fishing bait so there are no advantages for some. Everyone should come prepared with one fishing rod that will be used the entire time. Now what’s important is the point system. To keep it safe and fun, consider giving everyone one point per fish caught. Going by weight and size could stir up some arguments amongst the family members. Be fair and enforce all of the rules no matter the family member’s age.

Competition Categories

The ultimate winner could be whoever caught the largest fish of the day, but think about other categories that deserve recognition. Depending on how big your family tournament is, there could be a way for everyone to win something. Younger kids enjoy catching something, no matter the size. Some categories to consider can be the smallest and best-looking fish caught. You can also award your family members based on their attitudes and skills shown throughout the day. Get creative while creating ways for everyone to feel special.


Rather than buying trophies or medals, think about prizes that can be used during another fishing day. Fishing gear such as hats and glasses would be perfect for higher winners. Stop at your local dollar store and pick out gag gifts that the whole family will love. After a long day, it would be nice to have a family dinner at a restaurant on the way home. Everyone should be awarded for their hard work and participation. 

Remember to stay safe, and most importantly have fun. If all works out, the family fishing tournament could become a yearly tradition. Take this time to bond with your family and help each other out while learning new fishing techniques and strategies.