With the onset of summer, many people plan vacations that include areas for good fishing. Those fishing in summer realize that warmer weather causes fish to move to areas where the water temperature is comfortable. Many fish also swim a little slower in the hot weather, although carp often move around more. Here are various fish that are among the best to catch in the summer:


Since they are more active during the summer, carp are always looking for something to eat. Boilies that are not only colorful but meatier will attract them. Although not so easy to catch, carp offer a good fight that makes catching them fun.


May through July are the best months to fish for Bass in many geographies. But, because these fish swim into deeper, cooler water, anglers should procure a topographical map that indicates the location of deeper structure. These structures are often where the Bass congregate. Bass may also be lurking in the grass early in the morning. 


A great fish to catch and eat, trout are found in the cool waters (50-68 degrees) in nearly every state. They love fast-running streams and rivers and are usually found in the deeper parts of lakes where the water is the coolest.

White Bass

A freshwater fish perfect for those in the Midwest, the White Bass are excellent swimmers found in large reservoirs or rivers. White Bass are most active in the early morning, just before the sun rises, then late in the evening as the sun sets, and for several hours after the sunsets. Because of the heavy human movement during the day from boating, jet skis, water skiing, and swimming, night fishing is often productive as the white bass binge feed when it is quiet in the evening.


Found on either the Pacific or Atlantic coasts of North and South America, Snook is a fresh and saltwater fish. They are highly prized game fish and have delicious white flesh. While they are fun to catch, Snook does have catch limits in some areas. They can grow up to 44 pounds and feed on small fish and shrimp.