Before heading out on a fishing trip, remember to pack your fishing first aid kit. Practicing safe boating and fishing can only prevent so much while out on the water. It’s important to expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything that may come your way. If you plan on fishing farther than usual from the shore, you may want to pack more items. To make things a little easier, consider buying a standard first aid kit from a pharmacy, and then adding some items that are necessary for the outdoors. Here are some essential fishing first aid items and how they could help you in any situation.


This should be the first thing you put into your first aid kit. Wearing gloves protects you from touching blood and bodily fluids that are not your own. Before helping anybody out, remember to put these on to decrease the risk of infection. Always have extras on hand, because you never know how many accidents may happen. 

Bandages and Antiseptics

In the case of a deep cut with serious bleeding, one may want to call a professional for tips and next steps. For the time being, treat cuts with bandages and an antiseptic on hand. Use fresh gauze or cloth to apply pressure on the wound to help the bleeding stop. Be sure to pack bandages of all sizes and multiple antiseptics, as they can be used to disinfect not only wounds, but also hooks.


Although this might be too big to fit into a kit, it’s important to pack blankets with you on a chilly day. If you plan on fishing for a full day, there’s no telling if the weather will change or not. It is common for individuals to suffer from hypothermia as they are exposed to cold weather and water. Our bodies begin to lose heat and the only way to stop this is by getting out of the cold. Stick close together while using blankets to stay warm and heading back to shore. Consider throwing some hand warmers into your kit to help even more.

Water and Electrolyte Drinks

Fishing in the summer heat can cause dehydration at a faster rate than other seasons, which makes both water and electrolyte drinks necessary. Water is also essential for cleaning up cuts and wounds. Pack a cooler with enough water and drinks to last you the entire day.

Maintaining a kit with all of the essentials will ensure that you are prepared for any circumstance that can arrive while fishing. If you use some of the items, make sure to replenish before heading out again.