Not unlike any other sportsman, the angler is always on the lookout for gear to add to their collection. Each year, new and improved lures, poles, reels and other gadgets make their way to the public. There are many types of innovative options that are of interest. 

Multi-tool Fishing Pliers

The multi-use tool manufactured by Bloom contains 13 individual tools that may save room in your tackle box while adding a wide range of options. The stainless steel pliers tools include: 

  • Can opener
  • Crimping tool
  • Knife
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutters

All of the tools remain safely within the pliers’ handle, which has a spring-loaded design. The variety of tools are useful for dealing with fishing line, leaders, lures, weights and more. 

Deeper Sonar Fish Finder

The affordable fishfinder links with a smartphone or mobile device via Wi-Fi. Simply tie the device to the fishing line and cast away. The unit surveys the environment beneath the water’s surface to enable anglers to locate fish. The images are clearly displayed in great detail on the mobile device. The fish finder can be used while on the shore, trolling in a boat or when ice fishing. The Sonar scans depths of up to 260 feet and functions up to 300 feet away from a smartphone. The fish finder scans in narrow or wide beams for optimal viewing. The device is also equipped with GPS navigation. 

This device is also really good when fishing from shore (where you can’t boat over the area in question with a traditional fish finder) or for areas inaccessible to a traditional boat finder. 

GoPro Hero4

In order to memorialize the day’s big catch, anglers might consider taking a GoPro. The fully-featured devices enable you to edit images as desired. The camera is easily linked with a smartphone or other mobile device via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to send the images to family friends or an image file. The camera may then be remotely controlled from up to 600 feet away. The camera captures images in 12 MP quality and also takes 1080p HD videos. The camera is also waterproof up in depths of up to 120 feet. Insert an SD card in the slot for storage. 

Underwater Housing

See fish striking your bait and lures by submerging the GoPro in an underwater housing designed to protect the camera. The housing comes with the hardware needed to install the camera. A weighted bottom keeps the device from spinning in the water.