If you are looking at changing up how you fish, it might be time to consider chartering a boat and heading out to the lake or ocean’s deeper parts. Charting a fishing boat is a great way to catch new fish, but it’s also a great way to create memories with your favorite fellow fishing friends. Whether you’re just looking to charter a boat once or looking to make it a monthly experience, the following tips will help you charter your first trip!

Pick a Fishing Experience

Before choosing a fishing boat or contacting a captain, the first thing to do is to get the right charter. Every charter service is unique and specializes in a different style of fishing. The following aspects will help when choosing a fishing experience:

Inshore of Offshore

If you are looking to charter a boat to fish in the ocean, it’s important to consider inshore or onshore trips. Inshore trips consist of staying near land and fishing on sheltered waters. The fish on these trips are typically smaller, and the water is typically calmer. Inshore is great for first-timers, young kids, or anyone looking for a shorter trip. Offshore fishing charters take full advantage of deep, open water. These trips are suitable for more serious fishing and usually last the entire day or most of it. The fish are typically larger species, and the water is often rougher. If you get seasick easily, this type of trip may not be for you. Offshore is the perfect adventure for confident anglers looking for a challenge.

Shared or Private

Another major choice when chartering a fishing boat comes when you pick whether you want a shared or private experience. Shared charters are great for individuals familiar with fishing as the crew has to move around and help everyone on the boat. Private charters offer a completely different experience. The fishing trip is more personalized and allows individuals to fish at their own pace. It’s also great for beginners because they will receive more individualized attention from the crew. 

Choose a Charter Service

When people know their time frame and what they want, they don’t need to go through charter flyers. They can get information on what charter service they want on their social media or website.

Talk to the Captain

More important than anything else, one needs to know the captain before they book. One needs to know how long they have been making trips and if they are new, find out how long they have been fishing in the area. Ask the captain a few questions before settling for a charter. Go through their fishing report; it is one way to learn more about them. Also, check reviews as they are essential and reveal more than a captain’s star rating.

Chartering a fishing boat can be a daunting task. But taking steps to plan a chartered fishing excursion can make for a great day of memories and turn into a more frequent outing!