After several weeks of trying, we finally caught one of the monster carp we were after!

After the first week of no success (this included 3 lines out for about 12 hours a day/5-6 days a week) we switched up to 6 lines out at a time. These of course all go on the alarm system so you can go about your day while fishing. Although historically having the most success with regular corn, after the first week of no luck we used the other three lines to try out some other baits. Sticky sweet mush, vanilla or strawberry flavored starch balls, boilies, and even grass pellets were rotated in the mix. After all that, at the end of the day, guess what we caught it on? That’s right, regular corn.

These fish are so finicky, catching them on corn also presents another challenge. We use hooks that are large enough for only a single kernel of corn to completely hide it, at most two. Anything larger will scare them off. Ever try catching a very, very large fish on a very, very small hook? It definitely takes some finesse. In this case, about 30 minutes. I usually say “fighting” the fish but this time it was more like ever so delicately taking some line in while letting it run for the majority. But in truth, it doesn’t get any better.

These fish unquestionably make you work for it, but I guess that makes the victory that much sweeter. I’m certainly glad it finally came with this one!

For more tips and tricks to catching carp, check out this link.