The scenic location known as the Pocono Mountains extends into Connecticut, New Jersey, Newark, New York, and Pennsylvania. The forested mountains and valleys are popular recreation spots for campers. However, the more than 14 waterways also provide ample fishing opportunities. There are hundreds of miles of streams and thousands of acres of lakes from which to choose. 

Delaware River
The river is a popular option for strolling along or sitting still while tossing hooks into the water. The beginning of April into the middle of October represents trout season. Bass may be caught and kept from January through the first week in April and from the middle of June to the end of December. Pickerel, pike, muskie, and walleye are permitted to catch and keep year-round. In addition, the river is a popular destination for catching soft and hard shell blue crabs. 

Lake Wallenpaupack
The immense water mass extends for 13 miles and offers an estimated 52 miles of shoreline. Anglers find that the lake’s visitor center has a unique way of appealing to anglers. Whether throwing the first hook into the water or having years of angling experience, the center provides visitors with the chance to borrow rods, reels, and tackle to enjoy a day of fishing. Guests merely need to complete a form and provide a copy of their driver’s license. Anglers have the opportunity to reel in a large variety of fish species that include different types of bass, sunfish, and trout, along with catfish, muskie, perch, and pike. Fish along the shoreline or venture to one of the outfitters to rent a kayak or boat. 

Promised Land State Park
Anglers enjoy fishing year-round in the 173-acre Lower Lake or the 422-acre Promised Land Lake. During warm weather anglers enjoy catfish, large or smallmouth bass, muskellunge, pickerel, sunfish, various trout species, or yellow perch. Ice and snow never stop anglers during the colder months as they gather at the lakes to attempt to catch bass, pickerel, and other panfish. The location also lends itself to camping, hiking, swimming, and wildlife viewing.