An ocean fishing trip offers scenery and excitement that lakes and ponds cannot match. Chartered deep-sea fishing trips can become lifelong memories, but they are always best when you come prepared. The following five tips are perfect for beginners looking to make their excursion a pleasant one.

Dress for Success

The weather can change rapidly at sea, and the temperatures almost always dip dramatically after sunset. Dress comfortably and in layers to ensure the comfort remains throughout the day. Wear shoes with non-slip soles and bring a hat and sunglasses for protection from direct sunlight.

Protect Against Nausea

Avoid eating any heavy or greasy food before boarding. The movement of the boat can cause nausea. Bring plenty of drinking water because adequate hydration can reduce the risk of seasickness. People known to suffer from motion sickness should bring medication to keep them comfortable. Ginger can also help prevent nausea, including some ginger tea or ginger ale in your backpack.

Use a Service

A first-time experience is often better with a chartered service than with a personal watercraft. Charter boat companies have all the equipment needed and an experienced crew to guide the guests. The trip allows people to learn what the experience is like before making a large investment in gear.

Know the Policies

Ask about food, beverage, and smoking policies. Make sure the boat can handle people with accessibility challenges. Ask about refund policies regarding weather delays or other concerns that could prevent the trip from taking place or you from arriving on time.

Try the Fish

Success on any fishing trip is never guaranteed, but those who manage to haul in a fish or two should sample their catch. Saltwater fish are easier to debone than most freshwater fish, have deep flavors, and are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Charter boat crews often help clients clean their catch, and some will even help cook the fish. If not, most will offer advice on where to take the fish for help with cooking and cleaning.

Deep-sea fishing offers an adventure that is unlike any other fishing trip. The sights, sounds, and excitement make the investment worthwhile. Prepare carefully beforehand to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.