While you may be accustomed to fishing from a boat, you may be surprised to learn how good the fishing can be from your local pier. Small fish are known to come close to the shore when the weather heats up. This brings in the larger fish as they look for an easy snack. This leads to a large mass of hungry fish in the area. These are the four most important tips to follow when fishing from a pier.

Pick The Right Time

The time you go fishing is just as important as the location. If the fish are not active, you will not catch anything. Like when fishing on a boat, it is recommended to head to the pier around sunrise or sunset. This is when a lot of game fish tend to go out hunting for food, so they are more likely to eat your bait.

Choose The Right Bait

Since large fish come close to the pier when looking for a meal, you need to use bait commonly found in the area. The fish want a familiar meal when they are out hunting. Most piers have their bait shop stocked with the best choices for the area. You can also opt to spend the early portions of your day catching your bait. This will guarantee that you get bait fish currently active near the pier.

Find The Right Spot

The big fish tend to be lurking behind the “drop-offs” or holes around the pier. The exact location of these is different at every pier, but it is most commonly found right behind the breakers or near the end of the pier. You should also look in the water for rock formations or other structures that could hide baitfish or predators. These usually signify a hot spot to fish. If all else fails, look to see where the birds congregate in the area.

Follow Proper Etiquette

You will potentially be fishing around other people on the pier. There is a set of unwritten rules everyone must follow when fishing. Make sure to give everyone enough space to cast their rod comfortably. Keep things tidy around you to help prevent injuries. It is also common courtesy to get out of the way if someone tries to reel in a wild fish.