Spearfishing is an exciting adventure, but it’s often an overlooked type of fishing. Spearfishing is very uncommon, and can be intimidating. Before anyone can become an expert, though, there are a few things that every beginner should know.

Safety First

As with any underwater event, participants must take spearfishing safety protocol seriously. Beginners must know what equipment they need before swimming. While spearfishing does not have a high mortality rate, there is a lot of danger involved. It is vital to be a strong swimmer. Spearfishers should also carry a knife in case they get trapped by underwater waste. They should also look out for boats and aggressive aquatic predators.

Don’t Start With a Speargun

Spearguns are very powerful, and spearfishers must never forget that they are carrying a weapon. They should treat it as they would a gun and never point it at other human beings or anything they do not want to shoot. Spearguns are potentially lethal; it might be best for beginners to start with a Hawaiian sling or pole spear to master the basics. They have a much less intense recoil and are fantastic ways for people to practice getting smaller fish.

Put in the Effort

A spearfishing excursion is not as simple as grabbing a wetsuit and a speargun and diving into the ocean. It’s incredibly dangerous, and anyone looking to fish this way needs to conduct appropriate research and practice. Spearfishers must look for a dive spot that is safe and suited to their level. Some dive spots may be more difficult than others because of the tide or ocean wildlife. Beginners should start with a dive spot that is less than 20 feet and research the dangers associated with the one they choose.

Spearfishing is a challenging and intense experience especially for people who enjoy freediving, scuba diving, and fishing, as it is a fantastic way for them to expand on all their interests. While beginners must be careful, there are many beautiful dive spots and experienced people in the spearfishing community that will help them. Who knows, it may even become a favorite hobby.